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If you were found yourself lost in the ocean of different gambling-related websites, slots, cards, etc. Gmblsites welcomes you. We are pumping fresh news, reviews, and analytics constantly. To see us as a guiding light. But let us move away from metaphors and jump right into the game.

Here you can find articles written not by cheap copywriters but the passionate gamblers. Our goal is to gather a team of authors who wants to make a resource worth reading every day. So we are trying to not distance from the community for the same reason.

Reading a comment section gives a reality check of some sort. Moreover, we are messaging the users with well-written comments to join us. It is a great way to turn your passion for gambling into real cash. Let us introduce you to the Gmblsites team. They are truly wonderful people!

We are Gmblsites

Gmblsites are working with 12 people currently, but hiring is up and running. Neighbor articles have all the info about writers we are looking for. You know, it is easy to misinterpret all the writing above as bravado, but that is just a passion really. The best proofs are stories they share.

The founder

Tasha Murray is the founder of Gmbsites and the first author here. Tasha is married with 2 wonderful children. The idea to open the site struck right after her boys went to university. She was always fond of gambling but with much spare time at hand, it was a matter of time. Her creativity chained by the daily ordeals was finally released.

A sparse of useful info is obvious for every internet gambler. It has bothered Tasha too. So she set a goal to build a resource herself. The first couple of pieces were written by her hand, but then she started assembling the team. Now the main role is management, but the passion for the game stays high!

Chief Editor

Tevin Daly is the heart of Gmblsites. The role of a chief editor is not only to edit articles but to communicate all the problems and inspire people. He is a perfect candidate: smart and talkative. New authors quickly grow under his leadership. And the veterans keep improving too.

Back in the day, he had the same position in a local newspaper. But it has always bothered him why he has to work from the office. He played slots using a mobile app but it was not ideal. The stars align when Tevin saw Gmbsites. Now Mr. Daly is earning more than before writing about his favorite thing.

Lead Designer

Ashwin Joseph is a self-taught artist who has worked in the gambling industry. He was hired by various development companies working on slot machines. He had the time to play them but the wage did not feel great.

At the time he was studying front-end web design to change the occupation but stumbled upon Gmblsites offer. It was a perfect combo and the deal was set almost immediately. All the team adores Ashwin for his attitude and field experience. He knows almost anything slot related.

Community manager and HR

Flora Love was always a people person and it comes in very handily now. She has been active at comment sections discussing slot mechanics and strategies. «Respectful and kind» was almost a universal description from every user.

So it is expected she took the role of CM. Fun facts, Ms. Love was the first person hired from the site itself. Flora proved herself as a dedicated and responsible employee who was always looking for new members to hire.

Casino reviewer

Fannie Houghton became a gambler at the relatively old age of 54. But we all know gambling has no boundaries. She eagerly researched various mechanics which made her almost a walking gambling dictionary. Fannie has a very distinct classy writing style which turns articles into a journey.

Sports bets specialist

Elicia Warren has grown in a family where everyone was a huge sports fan. Football, basketball, golf, hockey, just name it. It was a family tradition to make a small bet in order to make a watch spicy. The experience let Elicia analyze an offer and give a strong opinion.


Damien Hodgson is the «Brain» of Gmblsites team. When it comes down to numbers and formulae he has no match. He is a proofreader too. Damien calculates a real RTP or chance for a free round. Mr. Hodgson is the best when it comes down to spotting false ads and offers.

We have goals

These people made Gmblsites what it is right now. The most important goal we achieved is the chemistry between us. We always support everyone when it comes down to a gambling question or personal stuff. This helps make a great resource for every english-speaking gambler.

Do not forget we are looking for opportunities to grow so send us your resume. Maybe it is time to learn another way of making money using your gambling experience.